Walking the Land, Eileen Nauman

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BEING ONE WITH THE EARTHHave you ever wondered about the land your home is built upon? Is there a special tree, a stream or spot where you love to sit? And it makes you feel good for no discernible reason? Do you love a certain tree and it always makes you feel better to lean against it? Ancient humankind were Earth knowledge specialists. They knew where energy lines came and went. They understood how a vortex in their locale, affected the weather, the stability of the land and how it worked in tandem with water, mountains, hills and plains. They created stone circles all over Europe to pinpoint places of healing power and energy. Later, the Druids had that Earth knowledge passed onto them. In the Neolithic and Bronze Age, you can see today, the tumulus, tors, barrows, stone circles such as Stonehenge and Avebury, among may others across British Isles, Europe and stone circles in the Middle East from 9000 B.C.Today we call it Walking the Land. It is important for everyone to know that where they live is only part of the story that they see with their eyes. What is unseen, the energy, the spirits who live there are the other half of it. There is magic under your feet and surrounding you. There are simple ways to connect with the unseen and become part of the fabric of the Earth in a positive, healthy way.