Wormwood Essential Oil

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Wormwood is an earthy, grounding oil with a mildly bitter-sweet aroma.  The wormwood plant has a long history in folk medicine, and is best known as the key ingredient in the intoxicating drink absinthe, consumed by artists to "enhance creativity."  The essential oil may be used to enhance psychic awareness & stimulate creativity.  

Chakras:  Sacral, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye

1/3 fl oz.  Origin: United States

Essential oils may be used in a multitude of ways & have many benefits.  They  may be used for aromatherapy by diffusing them into the air to create greater spiritual, physical & emotional harmony with added therapeutic benefits.  

Oils may also be used in skin-care products as another useful tool in your self-care practice.  They may be blended or added with carrier oils to lotions, perfumes, massage oils or baths for an enhanced aromatic experience.   

Warning: Keep out of reach from children & keep away from eyes.

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