The Complete Enochian Dictionary, Donald C. Laycock

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A Dictionary of the Angelic Language as Revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly
In 1581, Dr. John Dee, an advisor in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, began a series of experiments intended to explore the ability to contact the spirit world. With Edward Kelley acting as the medium in these experiments, Dee was able to record these communications as they were transmitted in Enochian--the language of the angels.Donald Laycock has thoroughly analyzed the work of Dee and Kelley. In this volume, he recounts the history of their experiments. The rest of the work consists of a pronunciation guide for the twenty-one letters, significant to untangling both the meaning and the derivation of the messages handed down from Dee and Kelley, and a basic Enochian-English/English-Enochian dictionary. The result is a fascinating linguistic and magical mystery story, integral to any study of the Enochian tradition.Stephen Skinners lucid preface sets the tone and historical context for todays readers.

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